The Imagination of Film

Welcome to SIX4FILMS. We make your special day unforgettable with all the sights, sounds and emotional moments captured on video. We pride ourselves on giving you full coverage of your special event. SIX4FILMS provides you with a highlight video to show your friends (ours is 15-20 minutes), but in addtion you will recieve a fully-edited (not raw) version of your wedding that includes every key moment in it's entirety (ceremony,grand entrance, toasts, first dance, parent dances, specialty dances, tosses.etc).



The video also includes montage sequences (quick clips set to music) of things like guests arriving, cocktail hour, your photoshoot, dinner, greeting guests, etc. Trust us, the day goes by so fast, you WILL want to see everything that happens.


Our packages represent the very finest in quality and value.  And yet, our work is only successful when it matches your vision. If you are looking for extensive coverage at reasonable prices, then you have come to the right place!