Six4films is a independent film company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Six4films is committed to developing thought provoking documentaries, character-driven drama and comedies. Six4films makes great storytelling the corner stone of our film company. Our vision is to building local cinema with actors and crew opportunities in the Midwest.

Six4films continues to grow as we develop new projects and reach out into the community. And the commitment remains the same: to produce challenging work and help build a cinema that thrives in St. Louis. We are dedicated to serving our audience by entertaining them and challenging them. We believe that film and great stories come from everyone. 
"The Regency" is based on my experiences as an emergency room nurse working at Regional Hospital. The story is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent...

Daniel James


Daniel James is the primary creative force behind Six4films and brings an incredible amount of knowledge from years of experience as a writer, director, and cinematographer.

Born and raised in St, Louis, Missouri, he was first inspired by the art of film-making at the age of 10, and dreamed he would someday make his own movies.

Daniel James's team of diverse professionals are committed to one common goal: to tell compelling stories in an entertaining way.

In addition, we provide cutting edge quality commercials and viral web productions. If you are looking to improve your bottom line by advertising on local and national television, or even the web; we are here to meet your needs.


“We're a small and growing film company. We look forward to meeting our audiences and creating great film projects, Everyone has a great story to share, experience and enjoy we can help them be realized and develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's talk​." 

In production: The Regency 2